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Professional Engineering & Technical Services

PLS helps companies manage and understand their portfolios and the properties of others

PLS and its marketing affiliates also offer a full range of engineering, evaluation, and technical services for clients. These include:

PLS Inc Pinnacle Energy Partners Wellspring Deals AEA Deals
• Quick Look-Public Mapping, Spreadsheets, Analysis
• Pre-Property Sales Review or Property Screening
• Detailed Property Evaluation
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Due Diligence
• Bank Financing
• Waterflood Feasibility Studies
• Oil and Gas Investment Planning

PLS' engineering groups and technicians are available for buyers and sellers. On the "sale side" - PLS' engineers and engineering affiliates (American Energy Advisors, Burks Oil & Gas, Wellspring, and Pinnacle) are available to help sellers evaluate and understand their noncore assets. PLS' engineers and regional affiliates also work closely with PLS' DivestPro arm to collect all necessary data to be included in sales packages. Detailed reserve and economic studies can (and should) be included in your sales package or used by the seller for informational purposes.

On the "buy side"- a quick review or detailed evaluation is critical to understanding a seller's asset sale value and PLS' engineers and affiliates are available to consult for buyers on a project-by-project basis.

PLS technicians and professional staff are also trained to handle data quickly and efficiently and can prepare QuickLook reviews for management teams or prepare data packages for your engineers, including creating "ready-to-use" data sets for Aires or PHDwin.

PLS' engineers and affiliate firms are also available to help you save money by assisting in coordinating, updating, or auditing other Third Party Engineering Firm's work, especially in cases where a "big name" engineering firm was used in preparation for a commission-based sales effort.

PLS' engineering groups include registered professional engineers and experienced technicians with diversified and comprehensive experience in evaluations and appraisals of oil and gas properties. Engineers possess valuable knowledge of most geological provinces within the United States. Engineers have extensive expertise in acquisitions and negotiations of purchase and sales of oil and gas properties.

PLS is dedicated to providing the highest level of integrity, technology, and service available. PLS does not participate in oil and gas ventures so there is no problem or concern about maintaining the confidentiality of a client's data. Engineering fees are competitive and are based on a day or hourly rate. There is a $1,000.00 minimum charge for engaging PLS engineers and technicians.

PLS' firms use PHDwin, TGS Longbow and ArcGIS.

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