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August 2020
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Dealmakers Oil Gas Expo Photo Dealmakers Oil Gas Expo Photo Dealmakers Oil Gas Expo Photo Dealmakers Oil Gas Expo Photo PLS Dealmakers Oil Gas Expos PLS Dealmakers Oil Gas Expos
PLS is an active host, promoter and sponsor of various industry networking opportunities including expositions, conferences, luncheons, evening receptions and golf tournaments. PLS provides these unique conferencing, prospecting and networking events for buyers, sellers, capital providers and select client vendors. PLS' client demographics are very high and reach across all four disciplines: finance, engineering, geology and land.

Prospect & Property Expos--
PLS Dealmakers Oil Gas Expo Dealmakers is a Prospect & Property Expo held on a regular basis in Houston, Dallas, Denver and Calgary. The oil & gas shows provide a platform for prospect generators and property sellers to show their deals in a forum designed to maximize marketing and sale opportunities. Dealmakers Oil Expos are patterned after PLS original Buyer Seller Meetings that pioneered the prospect exposition concept including Nape and Appex. The PLS shows are intimate, cost effective and productive. In addition to bringing sellers together, the shows attract hunders of buyers, capital providers, deal takers, energy executives, divestitures professionals and investment bankers active in the market. These power-packed one-day events also include an evening cocktail networking reception for attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Besides major cities like Houston, Dallas, Denver and Calgary, PLS has also hosted smaller regional shows in Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

Oil & Gas Conferences--
Playmakers Oil Gas Conference Playmakers is an exploration and production (E&P) conference focused on either the U.S. or Canadian onshore and offshore exploration and production industry. The Summit includes leading energy executives and explorationists speaking on their prospect initiatives, new discoveries and plays. The E&P Summit also touches on best practices in operations and looks at new technologies. The event brings together leading explorationists and E&P executives for a day of conferencing, networking and prospect showings.

Marketmakers Oil Gas Conference Marketmakers is an oil and gas conference on midstream and downstream business opportunities. The Midstream Forum attracts a number of energy executives including CFOs, midstream operators, oil and gas traders, investment bankers, service company representatives, capital providers and advisors. The Midstream Forum includes a well rounded program with topics of importance to midstream operators, pipeline development and downstream opportunities. The midstream-driven conference is held once a year in Houston, Texas and provides delegates a quick and concise perspective on the midstream and downstream market.

Further Background--
In 1990, PLS acquired Petroleum Registry Inc., a San Antonio based company that pioneered the oil and gas prospect exposition concept in the 1980's. By 1991, Petroleum Registry had hosted Buyer Seller Meetings in San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi and Oklahoma City. PLS expanded the Buyer-Seller Meeting concept by setting up a larger Summer Show in August each and every year beginning in 1994 and ending in 2000. PLS hosted these Dealmakers events (100-140 booths, 800-1,500 people) each summer in the Westin Hotel, in Houston, Texas

PLS sold its original Summer DealMakers Expo to the AAPG in 2000 who re-branded DealMakers as Appex (American Prospect & Property Expo) and managed the event through 2004 at which time the geological trade association merged Appex into Nape under the direction of the AAPL, American Association of Petroleum Landmen. Appex (DealMakers) was renamed "Summer Nape" and is held in late August as a compliment to the Winter Nape (held in February).

PLS is a proud supporter of Winter and Summer Nape.

PLS relaunched its exposition and conference arm in 2006 to provide a live networking and conference platform for its membership community. PlayMakers (E&P Summit) was held in Oct. 2008 in Houston, TX and DealMakers (A&D Forum) was held in Nov. 2008 in Calgary, AB. These new oil & gas shows were hybrid forums with conferences and expos with attendance ranging from 400-650 and booths of 20-45 exhibitors. By 2011, PLS has hosted 8 conferences and 2 Prospect Expos. In 2010, PLS again expanded its Dealmakers Conference arm and instead began to focus only on prospect expositions and property shows. Under the new format, PLS hosted three (3) prospect and property expos in 2010 and six (6) Dealmakers Expos in 2012. PLS plans on still hosting select oil & gas conferences under the Playmakers and Marketmakers brand but all of its expos are now known as Dealmakers.
2013 Prospect & Property Expositions
2012 Prospect & Property Expositions
Hilton Anatole Hotel January 26, 2012
Sheraton Denver Downtown April 5, 2012
Hilton Americas Downtown May 1, 2012
Hilton Anatole July 19, 2012
TELUS Convention Centre September 18, 2012
Hyatt Downtown October 1, 2012
2011 Prospect & Property Expositions
Hilton Americas, Downtown Houston May 2, 2011
Intercontinental Hotel, North Dallas Parkway July 19, 2011
Hilton Americas, Downtown Houston October 13, 2011
2010 Prospects & Property Expositions
Hilton Americas, Downtown Houston December 2, 2010
2010 Conference Events
Hyatt Regency, Calgary, AB May 19, 2010
2009 Conference Events
Hilton Americas, Houston TX December 2, 2009
Hilton Americas, Houston TX
March 5, 2009
Westin Calgary, AB October 6, 2009
2008 Conference Events
Hilton Americas, Houston TX October 15, 2008
Hyatt Hotel, Downtown Calgary November 12, 2008

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