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ALT - Chesapeake flows new Haynesville IP24 record of 50.2 MMcf/d - August 22, 2019

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Chesapeake Energy set a new IP24 record in the Haynesville during Q2. In Caddo Parish, Louisiana, the JPIL22&15&10-16-15HC #1-ALT was completed with a 12,418-ft effective lateral using 32.8 MMlb of proppant. During a 24-hour test, the well produced 50.2 MMcf/d on a 39/64-inch choke at 6,857 psi FTP. This rate surpasses Chesapeake’s prior record, set by the GEPH30&19&18-16-15HC in Caddo Parish. That well was completed with a 15,170-ft effective lateral using 26.8 MMlb of......
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