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Acquisitions & Divestitures :
Transaction DetailsTransaction Details(26,192)
Deal MetricsDeal Metrics(4,033)
Portfolio & Operations :
Areas of OperationsAreas of Operations(123,346)
Field or FormationsField or Formations(138,956)
Reserves Reserves(177,706)
Resource Potential Resource Potential(26,349)
Well EURWell EUR(16,722)
Production RatesProduction Rates(204,173)
Cumulative ProductionCumulative Production(46,452)
Production AnalysisProduction Analysis(63,616)
Initial Production RatesInitial Production Rates(49,362)
Drilling LocationsDrilling Locations(15,926)
Rig CountRig Count(33,191)
Prospects & Geology :
Key Wells & DiscoveriesKey Wells & Discoveries(80,741)
Science & TechnologyScience & Technology(13,648)
Well Log(s)Well Log(s)(15,883)
Cross Section / StratigraphyCross Section / Stratigraphy(34,625)
Reservoir CharacteristicsReservoir Characteristics(29,978)
D&C CostsD&C Costs(45,982)
Core Sample(s)Core Sample(s)(1,932)
Seismic ImagesSeismic Images(20,644)
Completion DetailsCompletion Details(17,238)
Land & Legal :
Acreage & LandAcreage & Land(104,163)
Partnerships & AgreementsPartnerships & Agreements(54,130)
Well Spacing & LateralsWell Spacing & Laterals(41,498)
Capital Markets :
Financial ResultsFinancial Results(587,099)
Financial PredictionsFinancial Predictions(60,687)
Capital ExpendituresCapital Expenditures(259,220)
F&D Costs / RRCF&D Costs / RRC(24,636)
Stock DataStock Data(64,503)
Rates of Return/IRR (%)Rates of Return/IRR (%)(72,456)
Operating Costs (LOE)Operating Costs (LOE)(37,998)
Operating Costs (excl. LOE)Operating Costs (excl. LOE)(24,019)
Valuations / PVValuations / PV(55,401)
Corporate StructureCorporate Structure(39,344)
Timeline :
Historical DataHistorical Data(593,835)
Future Plans/ProjectionsFuture Plans/Projections(148,410)
Midstream & Infrastructure :
Gas GatheringGas Gathering(54,882)
Crude GatheringCrude Gathering(41,976)
Pipelines & FacilitiesPipelines & Facilities(114,326)
Pricing & Hedging :
Hedging PositionsHedging Positions(31,312)
Oil & Gas PricesOil & Gas Prices(86,186)
Page Classification :
Summary & HighlightsSummary & Highlights(36,980)
Peer ComparisonPeer Comparison(43,473)
Data ComparisonData Comparison(617,777)
Data & Graphics :
Type CurveType Curve(21,461)
Decline CurveDecline Curve(11,705)
Well Bore DesignWell Bore Design(33,692)
Bar ChartBar Chart(382,195)
Pie ChartPie Chart(68,379)
Other ChartOther Chart(168,139)
Operations MapOperations Map(102,725)
Plat / Leasehold MapPlat / Leasehold Map(121,539)
Trend MapTrend Map(43,651)
Isopach / Structure MapIsopach / Structure Map(29,955)
Photo / DiagramPhoto / Diagram(46,200)
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