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Tracking Permits, Completions, Frac, Production,
Key Wells and B-Factor performance.

Quick, Simple & Easy:

The PLS E&P Database is simple and easy to use. Quickly toggle between the different modules and see relevant information seamlessly. The data and analytics reside on a state-of-the-art software platform for easy training and individual use.

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All historic and new drilling permits within eight regions across the U.S.

All historic and new well completion reports within eight regions across the U.S.

Access all frac statistics and metrics on an individual well basis by API number.

View rig count information by basin, county, state, depth etc.

Individual well data by operator, lease, IP, cum, etc.

View well information along with metrics published in PLS regional scouts.

Your one stop for digitized type curves
and B-factors.

Mapping Tools, Portfolios & Peer Comparison Positions.

Database of exploration deals for sale.

*Sourced from Baker Hughes.

Ability to search across different modules:

Search across the different modules with ease. Example: See all the key wells, type curves, permits and completions and fracking data in the Permian Basin in a few clicks.

Source Docs:

Access source docs for every module in the database in the form of company presentations, permits, completions, PDF files, fracfocus reports etc. All source docs are downloadable.

Personal Report:

Create personalized reports and charts to track what is important across each of the modules. The database by default includes a series of standard reports and charts.

Export and share:

Metrics from every module can be exported into a spreadsheet for further analysis.


Data in every module is updated in a timely fashion. Often the PLS analysis will be the first to hit the marketplace.

U.S., Canadian and International E&P News are covered in PLS reports.

Find news, analysis and business opportunities in PLS reports. Subscribe by bundled package or pick the report that best suits your needs.