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PLS publishes exploration news and drilling insights in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico through our Permian Scout.

Published every two (2) weeks, this regional report (RRC 7C, 8, & 8A) includes lead stories on drilling activity, successes and new projects while also reporting on drilling rigs, new permits, completions and P&A activity.

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News Date
PS - EOG Wolfcamp well gushes 15,073 boe/d from 2-mile lateral - February 5, 2020
EOG Resources brought online a trio of stellar Wolfcamp producers in Loving County, Texas, at the end of 3Q19, according to the latest state data. Located on the McGregor D Unit, the #5H well produced an initial 24-hour rate of 15,073 boe/d (76% oil) on a very large 1.6-inch choke at 1,740 psi FCP. Based on this well’s 9,997-ft effective lateral, that IP rate amounts to 1,508 boe/d per 1,000 lateral ft. This is a record rate for not only the Texas part of the Delaware Basin, but the entire...
Feb 05, 2020
PS - Devon Energy turns in some purr-suasive Lea County IPs - February 5, 2020
In the Delaware Basin, Devon Energy expected to bring online a number of highimpact projects in 4Q19, including Cat Scratch Fever Phase II in the Todd area of Lea County, New Mexico. This project is comprised of 10 wells targeting the Second Bone Spring that directly offset Phase I to the southeast. Despite geologic mapping indicating a thinning of pay to the east of Phase I, Devon expects Phase II to be “more special” and “more prolific.” For reference, Phase I consisted of 10 wells averaging...
Feb 05, 2020
PS - Regional Highlights - February 5, 2020
The EIA projects that Permian production will rise by 45,000 bo/d and 205 MMcf/d sequentially in February to 4.803 MMbo/d and 16.838 Bcf/d. There were 3,612 DUCs in the Permian as of December, down by 14 compared to...
Feb 05, 2020
PS - ConocoPhillips Highlights - February 5, 2020
ConocoPhillips’ Permian unconventional production averaged 70,000 boe/d in Q4, up ~23% sequentially, as the company brought new pads online. Due to the timing of completions, Conoco expects volumes from the play will be relatively flat in Q1 before resuming growth for the remainder of...
Feb 05, 2020
PS - Chevron Highlights - February 5, 2020
Chevron’s Q4 Permian production of 514,000 boe/d was up 36% YOY. The company plans to reach positive cash flow in the play in...
Feb 05, 2020
PS - Ring Energy Highlights - February 5, 2020
Ring Energy laid out its 2020 plans, setting capex guidance at $85-90 million. This compared to an estimated 2019 spend of $152 million. Ring will drill and complete 18 horizontal wells on the Northwest Shelf in the Permian, with 13 of the laterals measuring 1 mile and five measuring 1.5 miles. The company also plans well workovers—including converting 42 wells from electric submersible pump to rod pump—and infrastructure upgrades and extensions on its Northwest Shelf, Central Basin Platform...
Feb 05, 2020
PS - Lilis Energy Highlight - February 5, 2020
Lilis Energy brought in a new operational team to work on its northern Delaware Basin assets in 2H19. The result has been very meaningful efficiency improvements. In Q3, average drilling days (spud to TD) for longer laterals was reduced to 17 days from 45. Drilling cycle times were cut by “incorporating oilbased drilling mud, utilizing a higherquality rig and better downhole tools and configuration,” interim CEO Joseph Daches said. Recently, Verde Partners made a non-binding offer to acquire...
Feb 05, 2020
PS - Pioneer’s Wolfcamp D appraisals outperform legacy by 100% - January 22, 2020
Pioneer Natural Resources has conducted a limited Wolfcamp D appraisal program over the past two years that has yielded strong results. The 12 wells that have been placed online since December 2017 were completed using optimized completion design and are outperforming 33 previous Wolfcamp D wells by 100% after less than 180 days online. The company plans to continue to limit this appraisal program in 2020 as it takes time to understand the decline curve, determine optimal spacing and find ways...
Jan 22, 2020
PS - WPX pad shows improved Third Bone Spring productivity - January 22, 2020
WPX Energy’s CBR lease in Loving County, Texas, has delivered some of the company’s strongest Permian well results, with success in both the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring. In 2H19, two Third Bone Spring wells on the CBR 6-7 pad, in the Stateline area, flowed peak 24-hour rates of more than 4,300 boe/d (59% oil) each and cumulative 60- day rates exceeded 365,000 boe, including ~214,000 bo. This pad is outperforming the prior Third Bone Springs pads after 60 days. While the company has not...
Jan 22, 2020
PS - Regional Highlights - January 22, 2020
The EIA projects that Permian production will rise by 45,000 bo/d and 205 MMcf/d sequentially in February to 4.803 MMbo/d and 16.838 Bcf/d. There were 3,612 DUCs in the Permian as of December, down by 14 compared to...
Jan 22, 2020

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