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PLS's Western Scout covers local drilling activity, permit data, rig activity and completions in the Southern Rockies, (Colorado, Wyoming, NW Nebraska, Utah, Four Corners) and Western US, (California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington). Like all of PLS's Regionals this report includes a wealth of statistical analysis on activities and corporate performance. The reports also layer select advertising, business opportunities and multiple listings for sale.

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WS - Anschutz’s latest PRB Niobrara wells flow 182 boe/d per 1,000 ft - February 4, 2020
Anschutz Exploration focused a large portion of its 2019 operated completion activity on the Niobrara in the Powder River Basin. Data on two strong wells in the program was released by the state of Wyoming in January. Located in Converse County, the Sam Fed #3571-18-6-4E NH and Sam Fed #3571-18-6-4W NH were completed with effective laterals averaging 9,530 ft. The wells were fracked in 34 stages using 11.4 MMlb of proppant, or 1,193 lb per perforated lateral ft. On test, the wells...
Feb 04, 2020
WS - Devon Energy’s Parkman sideshow delivers strong wells - February 4, 2020
Devon Energy’s multi-zone program in the Powder River Basin continues to deliver strong results, most recently from the Parkman formation. In Converse County, Wyoming, the CWDU Tillard Fed #19-073871-3XPH was completed with an 11,634-ft effective lateral and produced an initial 24-hour rate of 1,786 boe/d (94% oil), or 154 boe/d per 1,000 lateral ft, on a 41/64-inch choke at 465 psi FTP. This is the second-highest IP the company has flowed from the formation. The well was completed in...
Feb 04, 2020
WS - Regional Highlights - February 4, 2020
The EIA projects that Niobrara production will fall by 5,000 bo/d and 6 MMcf/d sequentially in February to 761,000 bo/d and 5.633 Bcf/d. There were 448 DUCs in the Niobrara as of December, up by two from...
Feb 04, 2020
WS - Chesapeake Energy Highlights - February 4, 2020
After experiencing “production challenges” in late Q3 and early Q4, Chesapeake Energy’s Powder River Basin oil production recovered to average 21,000 bo/d in December. In a recent update, the company said it brought four Niobrara wells online in Q4. Four of the company’s five latest wells in the formation have averaged peak IP24s of more than 2,000 boe/d, including 1,200...
Feb 04, 2020
WS - Bonanza Creek Energy Highlights - February 4, 2020
Bonanza Creek Energy’s 2019 production averaged 23,500 boe/d, up 48% YOY, and capex totaled an estimated $222 million, which was below its $230-240 million guidance. In 2020, capex is expected to be $215-235 million. The company is targeting 11- 23% production growth to 26,000-29,000 boe/d. The 2020 plan assumes the continuation of a one-rig operated program on the company’s legacy acreage and the startup of a one-rig non-operated program in the French Lake area in late 2020. Bonanza Creek...
Feb 04, 2020
WS - HighPoint Resources Highlights - February 4, 2020
HighPoint Resources retained Eagle River Holdings to assist in the sale of non-operated production assets in the DJ and Delaware basins. In Weld County, Colorado, the company is offering 17.1% WI (14% NRI) in 157 wells and royalty interests in 11 wells targeting the Niobrara, Codell and J Sand formations. Net production in July was 1,265 boe/d (45% oil). Operating monthly cash flow has averaged $729,000 and was expected to exceed $1.35 million in November because of 13 wells brought online...
Feb 04, 2020
WS - Samson shows additional Shannon success with latest horizontals - January 14, 2020
Samson Resources II delivered two strong results from the Shannon formation in Converse County, Wyoming. The Ogalalla Fed 21-2215 40-75SH was drilled with a 9,898- ft lateral and produced an initial 24-hour rate of 3,346 boe/d and 30-day average of 2,420 boe/d (94% oil), or 245 boe/d per 1,000 lateral ft. The Ogalalla Fed 4075-2215 2SH, sporting a 9,548-ft lateral, delivered an IP24 of 2,622 boe/d and an IP30 of 2,129 boe/d (94% oil), or 223 boe/d per 1,000 ft. “We are very pleased with...
Jan 14, 2020
WS - Northwoods displays PRB’s stacked potential with three wells - January 14, 2020
Privately held Northwoods Energy recently completed three wells in three different formations in the Powder River Basin. The success of the wells, which are all located in Converse County, Wyoming, highlights the stacked pay potential of the basin. Targeting the Shannon formation, the Aspen 11W02-3SH was drilled with a 9,864-ft lateral and delivered an initial 24-hour rate of 1,860 boe/d (92% oil) and a 30-day rate of 1,500 boe/d (91% oil), or 152 boe/d per 1,000 ft. In the first 90...
Jan 14, 2020
WS - Regional Highlights - January 14, 2020
The EIA projects that Niobrara production will rise by 1,000 bo/d and 13 MMcf/d sequentially in January to 747,000 bo/d and 5.588 Bcf/d. There were 490 DUCs in the Niobrara as of November, down by 10 from...
Jan 14, 2020
WS - Extraction Oil & Gas Highlights - January 14, 2020
Extraction Oil & Gas brought online eight high-quality wells on one pad in Weld County, Colorado. Targeting the Niobrara, the wells on the Mt Fed Glenfair #8W-20 pad were completed in October with effective laterals averaging 9,529 ft. IP24s per well ranged 1,124-1,531 boe/d (47- 57% oil). These are top-quartile wells for the...
Jan 14, 2020

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