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PLS's Bakken Scout covers oil and gas permitting, rig activity and completions in the Dakotas and Montana. The report is available by subscription and is delivered by hard copy and email every 3 weeks. Like other Regionals, the Bakken is packed full of local statistical analysis covering permits, rigs and completions while also covering top stories, fun facts, quick stats and production anomalies.

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News Date
BS - Kraken scores IP24 record in Richland County - March 2019
During 2H18, Kraken Oil & Gas completed an industry-record horizontal rate for Richland County, Montana, according to state data. Its Rowin 17-8 #1H was drilled into the Bakken with a ~10,000-ft lateral and tested an initial 24-hour rate of 1,818 boe/d (94% oil). Kraken has recently reported 10 Williston Basin completions to state agencies: two in Richland County with IP24s averaging 1,641 boe/d (88% oil), three in Roosevelt County averaging 1,017 boe/d (90% oil) and five in...
Mar 19, 2019
BS - Regional Highlights - March 19, 2019
The EIA projects Bakken production will sequentially rise 17,000 bo/d and 18 MMcf/d in April to an average of 1.458 MMbo/d and 2.819 Bcf/d. There are 723 DUCs in the Bakken as of February, up by one compared with...
Mar 19, 2019
BS - Whiting’s optimized completions deliver strong performance - March 2019
In 2018, Whiting Petroleum reorganized its Bakken operations into three teams. The results have been superior well results and an expanding core.Whiting’s northern asset team completed two wells in the Cassandra area in Williams County, North Dakota, during Q4. The Cassandra wells utilized Generation 4.0 completions and averaged 74,000 boe each over the first 60 days. This is a 170% increase compared to earlier-generation offset wells, expanding Whiting’s core Bakken results into...
Mar 19, 2019
BS - Equinor Highlights - March 19, 2019
In the last year, Equinor’s Williston Basin activity has been focused on Williams County, North Dakota, where the company has completed 17 wells and turned 26 to sales, according to state data. In mid-February, the company brought online a four-well pad, with three wells targeting the Three Forks First Bench and one targeting the Middle Bakken. The SJOL #5-8F 1H through 4H averaged 9,616-ft laterals and 24- hour IPs of 2,051 boe/d (87% oil), or 213 boe/d per 1,000 lateral...
Mar 19, 2019
BS - EOG Resources Highlights - March 19, 2019
EOG Resources realized significant operational improvements in the Williston Basin during 2018. The company drilled 20 net wells with an average treated lateral length of 9,500 ft apiece. Efficient drilling performance delivered, on average, an additional 1,000 ft of lateral length per well in 2018 for the same cost as in 2017. EOG's Austin 45-1113H well set a company record in the basin with a spud-to-TD time of 8.4...
Mar 19, 2019
BS - Enerplus Highlights - March 19, 2019
Enerplus plans to spend $565- 635 million during 2019 compared to $593.9 million in 2018. Production is forecast to grow across its operations to 94,000-100,000 boe/d (56% oil), which would be 4% growth at midpoint compared to the 2018 average of 93,216 boe/d. Liquids volumes are projected to increase 9% at midpoint as the company focuses on North Dakota development. The state has been allocated 80% of Enerplus’...
Mar 19, 2019
BS - Northern Oil & Gas Highlights - March 19, 2019
Northern Oil & Gas’ total proved reserves increased 79% YOY to 135.5 MMboe (83% oil) at YE18. Excluding acquisitions, proved reserves were up 38%. Proved developed increased 64% to 76.2 MMboe, or 56% of total...
Mar 19, 2019
Bruin Bakken HZ delivers ~100,000 bo in 30 days
Bruin E&P completed some of the most productive wells in Williston Basin history during 2018. In McKenzie County, North Dakota, the Ft. Berthold 151-94-27A-34-16H (AndersonLL) was drilled with a 10,176-ft lateral and completed using 14.4 MMlb of proppant. The well flowed an initial 24-hour rate of 6,020 boe/d (84% oil; 592 boe/d per 1,000 lateral ft) from the Middle Bakken, which is the highest IP24 to date for Bruin.In the first 30 days, the well produced 96,045 bo, or 3,202 bo/d,...
Feb 26, 2019
Marathon setting the bar for Bakken well productivity
Marathon setting the bar for Bakken well productivity It’s no secret that Marathon Oil’s completion enhancements in the Williston Basin in the last two years have led to prolific results. The company has delivered 45 of the top 50 all-time Middle Bakken and Three Forks oil wells. The company’s most prolific well was completed at the end of 3Q18 in McKenzie County, North Dakota. Targeting the Three Forks, the Jerome USA 12- 23TFH was drilled with a 12,675-ft lateral and completed with 11.4 MMlb...
Feb 26, 2019
BS - Regional Highlights - February 26, 2019
The EIA projects Bakken output will rise 13,000 bo/d and 14 MMcf/d sequentially in March to an average 1.452 MMbo/d and 2.741 Bcf/d. There are 715 DUCs in the Bakken as of January, down 15 compared to December.During December, North Dakota’s oil production rose 25,000 bo/d sequentially to 1.4 MMbo/d, according to the North Dakota Industrial...
Feb 26, 2019

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