oil & gas assets

Oil & Gas Asset Transactions and A&D Advisory Services

PLS turns non-core oil & gas assets into cash.

Divestment Brochure

On each and every effort,

  • PLS designs, manages and executes sales and marketing campaigns from initiation to closing;
  • Properly positions each asset for market by using proprietary tools such as our unique M&A Database to assess value;
  • Uses the industry's largest and most comprehensive buyer database to identify qualified buyers;
  • Assists in selecting the right sale strategy including private or public offering; sealed bid or negotiated sale; or closing of a joint venture;
  • Uses proprietary data collection and aggregation protocols to handle asset and/or prospect data collection;
  • Provides direction and guidance through the pre-marketing process;
  • Prepares professionally designed presentation materials (grid sheets, teasers, PowerPoints, full brochures, postcards, inserts) for each asset;
  • Advertises divestments in PLS listings online and in PLS' nine publications;
  • Sets up public or private internet data rooms for easy access by potential purchasers;
  • Manages the administrative requirements of the sale process including confidentiality agreements, buyer discussions, mail and email reminders and phone solicitations;
  • Provides advice on offers, deal structure and terms;
  • Screens buyers to smooth negotiations and maximize final price.

Fee Schedules

PLS' fee structure generally includes an up-front engagement fee, success fee and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.
The initial retainer or engagement fees generally range from $3,500 to $35,000 depending on professional efforts, project type, package requirements, size and timeline.
Success fees vary by project type and package size but are generally based on the traditional 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Lehman scale for income-producing properties.
PLS prospect fees are very flexible and may include a turnkey amount, charge per well for wells drilled, percentage of capital raised and/or an override
Packaging costs include postage, printing, travel and engineering fees and may be billed only in the event of a non-sale.