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Oil & Gas Asset Transactions and A&D Advisory Services

PLS turns non-core oil & gas assets into cash.

Divestment Brochure
Selling Properties
PLS markets non-operated working interests, operated assets, development projects, royalties, overriding interests and non-producing mineral rights through its A&D Advisory Service arm.
Selling your asset is the last chance to make money on property.
PLS' A&D Advisory Service has developed a niche in the mid-market selling assets valued at $250,000 to $100 million. However, PLS has handled divestments as large as $200 million or more and the firm has worked on projects as large as $600 million as a co-advisor or subcontractor.
The firm also sells overrides and royalty interests including non-producing mineral interests.
PLS' divestment team handles negotiated sales, sealed bids, confidential one-to-one marketing or staggered sales efforts involving multiple strategies. PLS is also a trusted advisor in court-ordered liquidations and bankruptcy sales.

On technical sales

PLS' A&D Advisory Service teams with various regional technical and engineering firms, such as Burks Oil & Gas Properties, American Energy Advisors and/or third-party engineers to market complicated assets requiring significant technical support such as waterfloods, tertiary properties and/or development projects.
The firm is one of the industry's oldest property marketing organizations. Our first projects included Fossil Oil & Gas (Austin Chalk); Endevco (Kansas), Exxon (South Texas); and Texaco (Oklahoma, Permian) in late 1988 and early 1989.
PLS has also been retained on large multi-package divestment projects including Apache (26 packages), Cornerstone (4), Maxus (11), Pyramid (6), Pittencrieff (5), Snyder Oil (15), Santa Fe (10), Pogo Producing (5) and Unocal (12).


PLS leverages its databases to advise clients on value.
PLS uses its A&D Transactions report to promote various packages.